30. November 2004 · Comments Off on Chemical Weapons Labs Were Real · Categories: Iraq

As I noted in my earlier post, the Washington Times Bill Gertz is the first of the major media to be on the chemical weapons lab story:

Chemicals and bomb-making literature found at two houses in Fallujah, Iraq, last week show Iraqi rebels are prepared to use chemical and biological weapons in future attacks, a U.S. military spokesman said yesterday.

Rebels in Fallujah had materials for making chemical blood agents and also a “cookbook” on how to produce a deadly form of anthrax, said Army Lt. Col. Steven A. Boylan in a telephone interview.

Gertz had reported on Zaqawi’s ties to al-Qeada and Baghdad back in July. It’s difficult to believe that Zarqawi was going about this without at least Saddam’s tacit approval.

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