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Several of my less news-aware friends frequently turn to me for the real skinny on whatever concerns them at the time. Lately, I’ve been hearing some worries about North Korea having a missile that could deliver a warhead to the United States. And I believe I heard Dennis Miller jest about the possibility of Lil’ Kim dropping one on LA.

Well, this has had me taken aback. As, to my best knowledge, the as yet untested Taepo Dong-II would be lucky to hit Attu, AK. Well, it seems that some un-named brainiacs on the US payroll believe the range may now be up to 6,500 km However, you’ll be happy to know that even Anchorage is safe.

None of this means, of course, that we can be complacent. If North Korea is even a regional threat, they are still a threat to vital US interests. As well, there is still the possibility of alternate delivery systems, such as the cargo containers which flow into Los Angeles like illegal immigrants.

But rest assured; at the present time, unless some crazed Cossack gets his finger on the Russian button, the risk of terror dropping in from space is pretty low.

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