24. August 2004 · Comments Off on Chuck The Angus Diet · Categories: General

Last week, I went into Burger King, and ordered an Angus Steak Burger. By the ads, I had thought it was comparable to Carl’s JR’s Six Dollar Burger. But this is hardly the case.

Just because I am a skeptic, I asked the counter worker how much the patty weighed. He didn’t know, but went back and asked. He came back with the answer “10 ounces” – wow, over a quarter pound!

However, if you consult the nutritional information on their website, you will see that, not only is the patty much smaller than that, the whole burger weighs only just over ten ounces. Further, if you compare it to Carl’s Six Dollar Burger, you will see that it hardly measures up.

But, beyond that, this was perhaps the most gross hamburger I have ever eaten! Upon delivery (yes, it was a take-out order), the girl called “extra mayo” – I had ordered extra onions and pickles. After a few minutes, the clerk that took my order said “that’s his.” Well, not only did it not have extra onions or pickles, but the bun was soggy, as if it had been soaked in that extra mayo. Further, the lettuce was old and wilted, and there were two wafer-thin slices of tomato, more white than red.

Another Burger King scam.

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