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Dispiriting it is, most mornings, to start up my computer and begin reviewing the news: if it isn’t the return/revival of the Chinese Commie Crud, it’s the interesting spectacle of (mostly) blue cities – ones run for decades by the Democrat party, the party of slavery, secession, segregation and now socialism. Amazing that those cities are the ones most plagued by an unsavory coalition of nihilists co-sponsored by the Marxist-inspired Black Lives Matter and the straight-up communists of Antifa. (As amazing as the number of individuals corporations, large and small, who have been bamboozled into expressing support for the former group. As this commenter at Sarah Hoyt’s place remarked:

The large corporations are kind of caught in two grips of a vice. The first is that they’ve been hiring mostly college graduates, and most of the college graduates are from “progressive” or “liberal” institutions that have been soaked in this hatred of the West since the late ’60s at the earliest. It could be entirely possible that they could have gone entirely through a four year degree without having been exposed or having to seriously debate the other side of the arguments. The second grip in the vice is the power of the media-and especially social media-these days. It is very easy for the wokescolds to create a hue and cry that can ruin a company. And, an amazing number of these companies are in…careful shape. So, anything that risks the company has to be avoided)

Getting back to matters racial/social I find it purely amazing that after decades of official and ostentatious promoting of social justice, affirmative action and representation for the less-fortunate minorities, the less-fortunate minorities are even worse off then they were half a century ago.
(Thank you, for the crowbar required to remove my tongue from my cheek.)

While I suppose that the lefty-Antifa types and their patrons among the so-called elite ruling class are still aggrieved that their chosen one, the mere spouse of a sitting president was roundly rejected by the electorate just when it seemed that her coronation was in the bag, I wonder if the urban black constituency is motivated by an even deeper and inchoate anger, and are responding by displacement. Fair warning: this reasoning is based on nothing more than bits and pieces observed here and there on the internet, and on my own intuition about people, and the politics of resentment. What if it was that black Americans believed, wholeheartedly, that the election of Barak Obama would mean that they had arrived, that their cake was baked, the elevator had arrived at the penthouse apartment, and that all their problems and resentments within their community (most especially the severely dysfunctional ones; thug culture, endemic violence, lack of stable marriages, degradation of public schools, scummy and corrupt leadership on the part of officials elected over and over again from primarily black districts, lack of positive male role models, etc) would be miraculously resolved? The election of a sort-of-black president (although half white and half Kenyan-African, who was raised in relative privilege and experienced about as much of their lives as I do, possibly less than that, even) The chosen Black Prince of Chicago didn’t make any of that better at all, in spite of all their expectations … and who can be blamed now for that massive shipment of Fail? Discuss as you wish.

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