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In the aftermath of large crowds chanting “Lets Go, Brandon” or the ruder, cruder variant, certain prog media figures are reacting by ostentatiously clutching their pearls and demanding civility. In response to such demands, many of us who have paid attention over the years are pointing out that the civility ship has long sailed … in fact, circumnavigated the world, crashed into the homeport dock, burned to the waterline, and sank in a gusher of steam. Where was the civility when those on the conservative – or the sort-of-conservative – side of the aisle, such as Donald Trump, John McCain, Sarah Palin, GW Bush, Condi Rice, Brett Kavanaugh, Rand Paul, Clarence Thomas, and others too numerous to mention, present and past – were viciously and savagely calumniated by progressives? Where were the demands for civic civility when the Tea Party, as earnest, sober and serious as ever a protest movement there was – were dismissed as ‘teabaggers’ by nasty-minded progs like Anderson Cooper? Readers of this blog with memories longer than last week know for damned certain that there was no such courtesy extended by progressives in the media, entertainment, or politics.

Frankly, it’s kind of fun to hand back a portion of the abuse to our potted plant of a president, to political idiots like Terry McAuliffe, or to jerks like Alec Baldwin. Kick a jerk when he is down? Oh, yes – with the greatest of pleasure. Although the FICUS may be too far-gone to realize that he is being enthusiastically mocked, McAuliffe undoubtedly does, and Alec Baldwin most certainly has, along with facing charges for manslaughter at the very least. (Baldwin broke every one of the four rules for handling a firearm, AND in order to cut corners, his movie production team ignored every single one of the protocols for managing functional firearms on a movie set. It’s a kind of marvel, incompetence that towering, and all-encompassing.) Let the ridicule and abuse descend, descent like a driving rain, or better yet, like baseball-sized hail.

Either civility is demanded across the board, right or left or in between – or it is not. It has become obvious that “not” is the operative understanding. So have fun with the mockery, with pouring scorn, ridicule and derision, Suggestions are welcome.

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