14. July 2005 · Comments Off on Classic? Give Me A Break! · Categories: That's Entertainment!

I am about to watch Corvette Summer on TCM. Well, ANY film featuring Annie Potts commands my total attention (OK, call me a fan). But, by any stretch of the imagination, can this film be called a “classic”?

Update: L, fucking OL. Our villain has just pulled up to a gas pump in a beaten-down, but complete ’59 Cadillac Convertible (a Series 62, not an Eldo) – a car that today, despite its condition, is worth ten times what that nigger-rigged ’73 Corvette is.

Update II: This film really. REALLY, REALLY sucks. But, at this point, I’m just waiting for Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Now there’s a real classic. 🙂

Update III: Skywalker and Annie are living like pashas on “$850/wk.”. Give me a fucking break: I was making $850/wk. when this movie came out – and on my way to $1000. And that was just upper-middle-class money.

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