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….er, what? It’s Friday? Already? (insert astonished face emoticon here) Oh, heck and no blog posts since Monday, which was the 4th of July, and Blondie dragged me off to Canyon Lake for the day (and a very hot one it was, too) and when I came back I had work to do. Like in work for money, and a client proposal to review… and somehere, somehow, someone bought 23 copies of To Truckee’s Trail last week, according to my Amazon Author Account Page — for no particular reason that I can discover.
And we have just gotten another one at Watercress Press, and prospects of still another, and a transcribing job for another client, plus the endless editing job … and oh, yes, two or three more chapters of the first draft of Deep in the Heart to finish.
It strikes me that as a basically unemployed person, I am really, really, really busy. Certainly no time for a fresh installment of bloggy ice cream.

Back next week, when I come up for air again, with a trenchant opinion on something or other. Practically anything but the Casey Anthony trial outcome, I promise.

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