The word literally translates from Spanish as “child-buyers” – as defined by Wikipedia in one of their less politically unstained entries: “a concept coined by Victor Hugo in his novel The Man Who Laughs. It refers to various groups in folklore who were said to change the physical appearance of human beings by manipulating growing children, in a similar way to the horticultural method of bonsai – that is, deliberate mutilation … stunting children’s growth by physical restraint, muzzling their faces to deform them, slitting their eyes, dislocating their joints, and malforming their bones.” The mutilated or stunted children were then provided as dwarves to amuse a noble court, or as performers in traveling circus sideshows. A historical truth, folklore repeated to frighten children into good behavior, or just a melodramatic literary creation? Who knows for certain?

However, it is a truth universally acknowledged among those of us with a socially and politically conservative bent, that there exist modern-day comprachicos ravening among us. How else are we to consider the cases of children and young teens encouraged to mutilate themselves by chemical and surgical intervention? They are urged and aided in this by activists, teachers and parents who insist that it is possible, even laudable to change their gender to the opposite … and is this any different from what Victor Hugo described? What are we to think of small, active, wiggly little boys over-prescribed drugs to ensure that they behave in school on the grounds that they are ADHD … which is likely that a small minority are … but what if they are just restless and bored? Is chemically altering their behavior the solution?

It’s bad enough to know that a normal child’s body is being altered by surgical design or drugs. Even more insidious is seeing their minds and intellect deformed by public schools (and some private and parochial schools, too) by teachers, administrators and school boards pushing Critical Race Theory, or whatever harmless-sounding pseudonym this pernicious, malicious nonsense flies under. Sure, say the teacher’s union leadership, we approve of telling the white kids they should feel guilty for something they didn’t have a part in and derive no advantage from anyway, while the kids of color are condescendingly told that they can never amount to much because whites will see to it that they fail. These modern-day educational comprachicos are hard at work, stunting student minds – and are flummoxed and viciously resentful of outraged parents – parents who rightfully see it for the damage it does to their children.

The educational comprachicos are also at work, when it comes to wildly age-inappropriate and unsuitable sex education, which might also be fairly construed as sexual grooming – especially when teachers try and keep parents from knowing about it. Yet another means of warping young and vulnerable minds. Finally, there is the ongoing OMG! Climate Change! Ten Years to Save the Earth! Panic! A panic which has been going on continuously since I was a middle school student myself. Only the actual causing agent varies every decade or so: nuclear winter, global cooling, global warming, et cetera. Now being of an age eligible for Social Security and somewhat well-educated in history, pre-history, and geography, I am reasonably cynical about the whole disgraceful effort, but kids are not, and the educational comprachicos are scaring them out of their unformed minds with this climate change nonsense, along with all the other deliberate warping of young minds. We ought not allow our children to be warped, damaged, and frightened to death by the modern comprachicos.  Comment and discuss as you wish.

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