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It looks as if with the official departure of the US military from Kabul, a media cone of silence perpetuated by the National Establishment Media has descended over the whole ghastly mess, leaving a good many of us who have been following the chaotic and bloody disaster that it was with unanswered questions. Like – exactly how many Americans were left behind in Afghanistan? American citizens and employees of international and US-sponsored NGOs, or dual nationals home visiting relatives in the “Old Country” over the summer vay-cay? A couple of hundred? Or thousands? Independent military reporter Michael Yon and others across the indy blogosphere reported that American citizens – with their passports in hand – were turned away from entering the Kabul Airport by the US Army, and it is those people who are stranded in Afghanistan now. Well, maybe. Between the proverbial fog of war and the cone of silence – a great many questions remain.

Where, for instance – are the tearful and ecstatic airport reunions with their families, of Americans who did manage to get out of Kabul? You’d think that regional news stations would have a bumper crop of stories about local people who are coming home and have breathless tales of their escape to tell. Of course, according to Peter Grant, who posted a couple of days ago, escape lines are still being run, and a lot of people who got out of Afghanistan alive have damned good reason to keep quiet about who guided, sheltered, and assisted them. There are at least as many stories of American military and diplomatic staff sabotaging such efforts, which certainly would prove embarrassing to them, if names and offices are specifically mentioned.

No coverage of the troops – the Army, Air Force and Marines who deployed to Kabul – returning home, for the joyful reunion with their families and friends? No joyous reunions of spouses and children at the falling-out formation on the flight line or the parade deck. Military media lives for that stuff, as I would know from personal experience. But nothing since the last American aircraft officially departed on the 30th. Gee, that’s … curious. It’s as if they are all returning without any notice being taken at all, officially, or media-wise.

Where are the heart-rending stories of the Afghani refugees themselves – their hairbreadth escapes, their hopes and dreams and reasons for departing? They’re at military bases scattered here and there, including at Fort Mccoy. There are some pictures of the various camps and facilities in local media … but not much else. The cone of silence is well clamped down. It’s as if the Biden Administration just wants the whole debacle to go away.

Of course they do – it’s not as if any of those at the top who bear responsibility for the disaster want to hear another word, especially from interested veterans. The FICUS himself probably got an unavoidable earful from the families of the thirteen killed in the suicide bombing at the Abbey gate. I myself hope that Milley and Sec Def Austin are spat upon so often that they spend the rest of their lives treading water. Discuss as you wish.

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