04. December 2004 · Comments Off on Confession Time · Categories: General Nonsense

Boyo is down with an ear infection and fever. Beautiful Wife took care of him all day so she’s out with the girls tonight. The various contests and caption contests going on around the blogoshpere…or whatever ya call it got me thinking we need some soul dumping…a cleansing as it were.

First of all, what song or artist from the 70s, 80s, 90s whenever you were in high school, were you into WAY before they got popular?

And…this is where the confession comes in…what song or artist did you just LOVE that no one else you hung out with could stand?

I’ll start.

I had “Born to Run” and “Greetings from Asbury Park New Jersey” long before anyone in my school had even heard of Springsteen.

Confession: Dave Mason, “We Just Disagree.” Okay…okay…and I was really into Neil Diamond’s lyrics before I found out my Mom loved him…happy now?!

Have at it.

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