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First of all, let me add my congratulations to President Bush and the Republicans. I think it was an amazing race and he stuck to his guns the whole way. I’m simply amazed. It would have been much easier to give a little here or there, but he didn’t do it.

I also have to give a lot of credit to Senator Kerry for not subjecting us to a repeat of 2000. He had 10,000 lawyers standing by and he chose to accept the will of the American people and I don’t care what anyone else says, that’s good on him. I think that’s the most admirable thing I’ve seen him do the entire election and it surprised the hell out of me.

The rest of this was going to be a comment to HerkyBirdMan’s post below but decided that it needed to be right out here on the front page.

Some of us who voted for President Bush strongly disagree with him on his stance on homosexuality and his anti-abortion agenda. I don’t share his values in those areas. Don’t believe for a moment that everyone who voted for the President agreed with 100% of the far-right agenda or are comfortable with the Evangelicals assumed influence on the man.

Yes, in my opinion, there are far too many abortions as birth control, but it’s not my body, nor is it yours. That’s between the ladies and their God, if they even have one. I think there’s got to be a middle ground, no I don’t know what it is, but I’m not willing to have the ladies go back to the days of having abortions in back alley clinics. Their choice, not mine, not yours…that’s what I believe is more important. Free will…it’s a real bitch sometimes.

As for homosexuality…I have never understood how giving gay or lesbian couples the same rights that my wife and I enjoy under the law in any way makes my life any less holy or blessed. What you consider an abomination, I consider perfectly okay. It’s not bothering me or my family if their family has some protection. Do I think the gay and lesbian folks blew it by pushing “marriage” versus civil unions? Yep. And now it’s going to be even harder for them.

Some of us voted for the President IN SPITE OF his Evangelical leanings, not because of them. I’m not trying to blow your party Herk, I just don’t want my silence to pass for agreement.

Not all of us are all conservative or all liberal. There’s still a center in this country, and the first candidate to figure it out next time will have it much easier than this time.

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