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Do you know, I am thinking that the current wokster crowd knows nothing of the concept of actions having consequences, sometimes of the fatal sort, and now and again of the professional kind. (Yeah, Sgt. Mom, welcome to the freaking obvious, I can hear some of you thinking…) But it’s both sad and infuriating to read of incidents such as that child in an adult body; presumed to be a Harvard graduate and accepted to an internship at a major international accounting firm … blowing all that by going all stabby-stabby-encounter on social media about theoretical opposition to her not-terribly-well thought out position as regards to racism against the black and woke, not to mention near to illiterate levels of grammar and spelling. Silly child, welcome to the 21st century, and let me break it to you that the internet is forever, as long as certain clever people make screen-grabs of your woke idiocy. What you post on social media goes far and wide, and even to the ken of people like … potential employers.(And also that whatever you and/or your parents laid out for Harvard tuition was not money well-spent. Just my .02.)

So there I am; trained as a military public affairs professional, and experienced in the ways of saying things tactfully and with consideration as to how they will be received by the larger audience. I don’t claim that I’m an absolute media genius about this, but seriously – in twenty years of mil-blogging, I’ve only gotten anxious feedback on a single casual post. Had to do with a big-city press club, if anyone is interested, and the manager of same misconstruing a spot of hyperbole as some kind threat to the premises and members.

The thing is – say stupid stuff, do stupid stuff – and get fatal or career-dampening consequences? Well, welcome to the real world, guys, gals, and beings of indeterminate gender. Play stupid games like posting a sketchy blockade and holding a protest dance party on a major highway in the middle of the night, dressed in black and twerking inexpertly, all while blithely assuming that the police force whom you have been roundly abusing and threatening for weeks have blocked the on-ramps … all that I can say is that the stupid prize is sadly and rightfully well-earned. Live-Action Role-Playing a revolutionary or member of the Resistance must be jolly good fun for the over-educated and overly-indulged spawn of the upper middle classes. I can only think that they are drunk on the fantasies of Zinn and Che, indulging themselves by playacting an oh-so-romantic part in this bit of street theater, during what will undoubtedly become written up in the history books as the Long Hot Summer of 2020.

As I remember the previous long hot summer of ’68, (and a half decade or so of quasi-political violence afterwards on the part of violent lefty scum like the Weathermen, the Black Panthers or the People’s Temple, or similarly vicious free-lancers like the Manson Family) I doubt very much that their dreams of revolution will come to pass. The last go-round, even though not quite as violent, finished up with the election of Nixon and Reagan and culminated in the collapse of Russia as the Great Marxist-Leninist Dream. So those failed revolutionaries – those who survived and did not gain any wisdom or insight, like Bill Ayers – crawled back into various academic sinecures and brooded and plotted a comeback. Which they are trying again, through deliberately mangling practically aspect of education from kindergarten through graduate school.

I am not prepared to be tolerant or indulgent of violent Marxist revolutionaries of any color. I am not inclined to be indulgent of the established mainstream media either – since I have very clear recall of how the loose affiliation of Tea Party organizations were vilified as racist hicks by entitled and on-national-broadcast jerks like Anderson Cooper, and most of the staff of NPR, among others. (Practically the only big- or semi-big-name reporter who treated the various Tea Parties as significant and worthy of sympathy was Selene Zito, for what that is worth.) The major establishment media (to include the entertainment wing, as well as the supposedly serious news and information element) is another of those entities who, like the above-mentioned individuals, are not considering the consequences of going full-frontal partisan.

In the orgasmic thrill of going all anti-Trump and pro-Woke, they do not appear to consider the loss of credibility across at least half of the viewing audience. Chip, chip, chip, drip, drip, drip … there goes all trust in the national establishment news media on the part of an increasing segment of the news-consuming public. The chipping and the dripping isn’t going as fast as I’d like, as there still remain large pools of believers – but still, all the fake news, blown-up conspiracies, crooked politicians, collapsed race-hate incidents, and the wave of violence against business owners, both small and large, in cities where Antifa and the Wokester Cult have been allowed free rein to smash, trash, loot and burn – all that has to be taking a toll.
Discuss as you wish. Interesting times, this long hot summer of 2020, isn’t it?

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