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So, last week the Daughter Unit asked me when the new civil war would kick into high gear. Note she said ‘when’ not ‘if’ – for we’ve been in a cold civil war for some time now. I’d say this cold civil war became manifest with upsurge of Tea Party demonstrations in 2009, and has rumbled along all through the Obama administration, building up reservoirs of bitter anger and resentment ever since. My personal SWAG is that things will get interesting (and even more interesting for certain values of interesting) late in the evening of November 3,2020, when the polls close and the first election results are reported.

And no, it won’t make a particle of difference who wins; Trump or Biden, or whoever has replaced Biden as the Great Dem Party Hope. My sidebar prediction is that the higher echelons of the Democrat Party will realize, probably shortly following the party caucus to be held sometime this month, that Joe Biden has finally and definitively lost track of his single remaining marble, and that there is no possible and convincing way that he can be propped up as a viable candidate. Whoever has the VP nomination will move up to the top of the ticket and one of the remaining hopefuls will be a replacement. For all we know, the Dem Party higher-ups may even have decided that what the hell, they don’t have serious hope at all for 2020, and are only naming candidates for this year with an eye towards establishing visibility and a track record for 2024.

In any case, on election night, it will not matter single a particle if the winner is Trump or A Dem Candidate To Be Named Later. The knives will be well and truly out and on both sides. If Trump wins, the lefty wokerati will be outraged, insane with rage that they have been let down again. Their fury after Trump won in 2016 will be as a light thunderstorm compared to the Cat-5 hurricane of fury which will strike in cities which have already demonstrated an inclination to tolerate riots and mob action – all egged on my the national establishment press.

And if Biden, in combination or replaced by A Dem Candidate To Be Named Later, wins the election, I don’t think it will be any improvement. The blatant vote fraud in certain districts will overwhelmingly obvious. There will be unparalleled shenanigans in tallying the ballots, way too much for most Trump voters to countenance. I don’t image that they will react violently, in the manner made so very familiar by our dear Antifa-idiots – but they will protest, perhaps in the streets. In places where the Antifa-idiots and Black Lies Matter gangsters are protected by elements of local politicians and authorities, the Antifa-idiots and BLM gangsters will cry havoc and unleash hell … or they may just do so anyway, without being provoked, for the jolly destructive fun of it. The more respectable Democrat officials, as well as our dear mainstream news creatures will be outraged by any demonstrations of defiance in the streets or in social media by unhappy pro-Trump partisans. They will retaliate in nasty non-violent ways on pro-Trump partisans who have drawn their attention for defiance … and that’s when it will get interesting. For certain definitions of interesting. Discuss as you will, with the readings from your own Magic 8-Ball.   

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