27. July 2005 · Comments Off on Dammit, oh Dammit. · Categories: General

AMC is currently playing Suddenly, Last Summer, a film that has long been on my “must see, but never have” list.

Dammit, I’m too worn-out to stay up for this, and too drunk to appreciate it if I did. I must get TiVo.

Oh, but it’s AMC, and they have commercials. Those blighters!

Update: Just a hint at how drunk I am: To get at what is perhaps Kathy’s greatest role, along with this and The Lion In Winter, I first had to reference the cast of Star Trek: Enterprise, which, via Scott Bakula, lead me to Quantum Leap, and Dean Stockwell, who, of course, starred, along with Kathy, in Eugene O’Neil’s unforgettable Long Day’s Journey Into Night..

Later with this: I’m off to bed.

Update II: Still can’t sleep. Man, I still can place this. And could I, were I sober? I’m at the human sacrifice scene. And tell me, folks,: can you tell me Liz’ state-of-mind here?

Update III: It’s over now, and way more questions than answers. C’mon, chime in.

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