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And in other places, like New York. I must confess to snickering nastily at New Yorker’s response to Mayor OBlah-blah’s unveiling of a system to nark out your neighbors for not obeying every jot and tittle of the Wuhan Corona-crud restrictions. Said system was immediately swamped in an unstoppable rising tide of rude pictures, pictures of rude gestures, and sarcastic references to Hitler, as well as crude personal jibes regarding the Mayor himself – to the point where the system was taken down entirely. Well, good for New Yorkers, I say – and a very good thing that such a thing wasn’t tried in a Texas city; seriously, the receiving server would have melted down into a radioactive puddle of goo. And California skateboarders industriously clearing out their skate-park of the sand dumped into it by officious authorities and making a dirt-bike track out of the excess sand? That’s just freaking awesome. We have not forgotten how to cock a snook at overweening authority; a tradition has been passed on to a new generation…

Also, some anonymous street artist in Atlanta is going around – according to this report – fixing clever Winnie-the-Flu plaques here and there, with the local lovvies predictably going nuts over the supposed raaaaacism of it all? That’s just delicious. Liberal tears sprinkled over dark chocolate irony… Kudos: I guess that Sabo has inspired conservative artists in far remote places. The absolute stone-hard irony of commenters with an assure paycheck and ability to work comfortably from home hysterically condemning the pro-back-to-work demonstrators as Nazis, KKK-symps, and paid demonstrators … well, that just busts my irony-meter all to heck. I suppose that I shall have to send it out to be recalibrated. Yeah, I saw as a Tea Partier. SSDD. (Translation: Same S*hit, Different Day.) Yes, dear and lazy Establishment Media Creatures – I saw this all before. Break out the box of ‘names to call us’ rather than deal with the real concerns. Because full frontal face-to-face with those concerns might mean having to examine them SERIOUSLY. And that just can’t happen, because … oh, our media locus of empire is in New York City. A place which appears to live on a different plane, far above those petty local doings in that mysterious fly-over country beyond the Hudson River.

There may be many Americans wanting to go all anonymously-Stasi informant on their neighbors if they can do so without risking the snitches-stitches thing, it remains that no one really likes a tattle tale, even less an anonymous tattle tale. It also appears that toleration for the extreme lockdowns of ordinary citizens is beginning to fray, especially as we begin to note that in all but a handful of cities (like, ahem, New York) they are just not stacking up the bodies twelve-deep in morgues and mass graves. We have also noticed that large parts of the country are barely scathed by the Wuhan Corona-Crud, especially those parts where citizens live fairly remotely from their nearest neighbors, not cheek-by-jowl in stack-a-prole concrete apartment blocks, and/or dependent on public transport of the crammed-in-like-sardines variety. (Like, ahem, New York). We have also noticed that a good few of those persons diagnosed with, or having had the Wuhan Corona Crud, are recovering nicely, or perhaps didn’t even notice they were sick with it at all. We have also noticed that certain of our political and media nobility do not feel the least obliged to abide by the restrictions they have laid on everyone else: Governor Northam of Virginia retires to his undoubtably comfortable country cottage, the mayor of Chicago is perfectly fine with getting the hair styling she has forbidden to everyone else, “Fredo” Cuomo is abusive to a stray citizen calling him out on his unnecessary trip to the prospective country house, and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi comforts herself publicly with a display of a huge selection of expensive gourmet ice cream stashed in a refrigerator unit, which when taken into consideration with it’s matched pair, cost about a quarter of the price of my house when I bought it in 1995. (current tax evaluation puts San Fran Nan’s refrigerators at about a sixth of my houses’ value, even if the house is twenty-five years older. I’ve made improvements, ‘kay?)

So rules for me, and not for thee. Noted. Also noted are the various police and sheriff units making it plain that they will absolutely not go nuts in enforcing the social distancing and mask laws. A standard has been set for sanity in an insane time, which is good. The saner and more thoughtful police chiefs and the forces they command absolutely must realize that authority must be wielded with a delicate hand. The thought comes to me that those of the more sensible constabulary are those who are elected to their law-enforcement office.

Your thoughts – how much longer with the serious Wuhan Corona-Crud lockdowns last? Your thoughts and insights invited.


  1. Ranten N. Raven

    Having to suffer through the nightly NY-centric “news,” with seeming-hours of Governor Coumo did nothing to raise my view of the pestilence that is NY’s political denizens (and those who vote for them). But I have to admit that the reaction to the snitch line did raise it by one Planck length.

    Was overjoyed by the exposure the Snitches got in St Louis by some talk show host using the Sunshine law to expose their names and complaints. Ooooo…schadenfreude!

  2. Curmudgeon

    Sittin’ here cogitatin’, seems to me that the real disease afflictin’ these United States is the fetid pool of officious, hypocritical politicians, celebrities and mediamorons.

    Here in Greater Soybeania, our portly plutocrat governor waddled up to the microphone to announce he’s extended our shutdown through — at least — the end of May, but Good News! — he’s graciously permitting golf courses to reopen provided they rigorously maintain all his social distancing and sanitary edicts. And just to show those who’ve protested or filed suit to end the lockdown that he means it, he’s also added the requirement that everyone entering a business establishment MUST now wear a mask in addition to maintaining the proper distance.

  3. Sgt. Mom

    Here in Texas, the governor has said – all open at discretion on Friday, although our idiot mayor in San Antonio is having the vapors over that…