26. December 2010 · Comments Off on Day After Christmas Update · Categories: Ain't That America?, General, Veteran's Affairs

Pip’s husband John called, just about an hour ago. It seems that Dad’s organs are failing. I am having to work out ways to get to San Diego sooner than the second weekend of January. Mom was very chipper and cheerful last night, which possibly faked me out a bit. She was OK with me coming for two months in January, said that the hospital was sorting out what the problem with Dad’s circulatory system was – but I would have to work out the internet thing myself and at my own expense …

So, just now, working on a whole new set of plans.

3:25 Update: Brother Sander just called. Dad died about ten minutes ago. Everyone was there, save Blondie and I. Dad would have been 81, a week from tomorrow.

The most awful thing about this is how fast it happened – barely two weeks, and without any warning at all that anything was so wrong with him.

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