13. June 2005 · Comments Off on Dear Sean Hannity · Categories: That's Entertainment!

“Three hours a day. That’s all we ask.”

You say that quite a bit on your radio show. And I try to give you as much of that time as I can (which, admittedly is not very much, since I have a life to lead, which usually keeps me away from my radio from 3-6PM).

But when you take one of those three hours and devote it entirely to Michael Jackson, including going over the litany of charges repeatedly, I must say you’re asking too much.

I look to you for cutting edge political commentary, interviews with some of the great conservative luminaries of our day, and the occasional useless debate with some liberal. I admire your unwavering support for our troops and their families. But I do not need to hear about the Michael Jackson trial on your show. And I especially don’t want to hear a list of molestation charges (and the details) when my seven-year-old daughter is traveling with me (as she was today). We eventually turned you off.

Get over Mr. Jackson (which I guess you can, now that the verdict is in) and get back to what you do best. Give me three hours that I can look forward to.

Lt Col Sage

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