01. October 2004 · Comments Off on Debate · Categories: General, Politics

I’m not watching it tonight. It is on upstairs, where the General and my parents (The Major and Mom, who are visiting us this week) are watching.

In principle, I don’t like the whole Presidential debate thing. We already know who these two candidates are and where they stand. Well, OK, maybe we don’t know exactly where Sen Kerry stands, but it seems unlikely the debate will reveal anything new (or if it does, what’s really new about that?).

Quite frankly, I don’t care if my President is a crack debater. I just want him to be a principled leader whose vision of the nation is much the same as mine.

So, I’ll be downstairs listening to the 70s station on XM and working on my lectures for tomorrow.

I have little doubt I can skulk about the web tomorrow and find out anything I might need to know.

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