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Jeff Roche has emailed Glenn Reynolds, praising Wonderfalls, and laments that it only lasted four episodes (they actually taped 13):

We couldn’t figure out how such a great show could have been cancelled so quickly. Then we read it aired on Fox.

That explains everything. The Network that cancelled “Briscoe County JR”, “Space: Above and Beyond”, “Firefly”, etc.

Well, Firefly may be one thing. But Space Above and Beyond and The Adventures of Briscoe County Jr. were middling at best. And all the networks have their cancellation boners. Among them, we can include The Judy Garland Show (CBS), Sports Night (ABC), and perhaps the greatest boner of all: Star Trek (NBC).

To Fox’s credit, they haven’t been afraid to take risks, bringing animation back to primetime, and giving such excellent programs as 24 and Arrested Development (which they’ve stuck by despite lagging ratings), all to say nothing of sister network FX’s stellar line-up.

Update: I’m aware that Fox is looking to sell Arrested Development, most likely to Showtime. But, in any event, and unlike Firefly and Wonderfalls, they plan to air the final 4 episodes of season 3. Three seasons is a good run for a (rather expensive) show that never really captured a broad audience.

Update 2: BTW: In case some of you might want to check out Wonderfalls, without buying the DVD, all 13 episodes play on Viacom/MTV Networks new “Gay America” LOGO channel.

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