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From Yahoo! News… (posted 90 minutes ago)

WASHINGTON – Rep. Tom DeLay, the defiant face of a conservative revolution in Congress, stepped down as House majority leader on Saturday under pressure from Republicans staggered by an election-year corruption scandal.


DeLay temporarily gave up his leadership post after he was charged, but always insisted he would reclaim his duties after clearing his name.

His turnabout cleared the way for leadership elections among Republicans buffeted by poor polls and by lobbyist Jack Abramoff’s confessions of guilt on corruption charges in connection with congressional wining and dining.

Those of you who deeply care about and study these things, tell me – will it make a difference? From what I’ve been reading, he was right to step down, but will it really change anything?

While you’re at it, can you tell me if there has ever truly been a time in our history where Congress cared more about the nation than about their own political parties? Or am I just getting overly cynical in my not-so-old-age?

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