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I’m sure every recruiter has their own personal stories of encounters with people who were vehemently against the war, Bush, and the military. My experiences have been pretty tame, water throwing, being yelled at or insulted, nothing major. However, I work with a recruiter who got egged while walking by a Wal-Mart, and a recruiter in another station near mine had the rear window of their G-Jet shot out while they were driving.

Apparently some student(s) at the University of Wisconsion-Madison decided to toss a brick through the window of their on-campus recruiter’s office. According to the article this was not the first time that someone has broken out their window. Apparently the campus’ anti-war club Stop the War was interviewed by the paper for some quotes and perspective. A representative of Stop the War, condones such attacks because they “get people onto the streets” and supporting anti-war/recruiting efforts. I think I’m starting to see another connection between the anti-war movement and islamic extremism. Anti-war groups advocate peace through violent acts; Islam is billed as the religion of peace, but acts of extreme barbarism are performs in its name. No wonder the two groups have become bed-buddies of convience, neither’s acts mesh with the philosophy they trumpet.

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