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Twice before, I’ve attempted to make this post, and each time it has just disappeared into the ether without a trace when I hit the “post” button. This time I hope it works. After all, don’t they say that the third time is the charm?

I have been thinking a lot lately about social security – or insecurity, as it may be. In the nineteen thirties, FDR gave us this system that has been a lifesaver for many elderly people, and maybe a hindrance to many more, those who weren’t motivated to do some saving for old age on their own. The reason that social security is becoming more important to me these days is that I find myself on the long side of life, now 61, and Nurse Jenny is not terribly far behind.

The President was on TV today, speaking about his ideas for preserving the social security system, and after his remarks, several congressmen spoke, both pro and con. What bothers me is that some of those guys seem to have their heads in the sand. They are totally against doing anything to change the system we have, and they don’t seem to have any ideas about what we should do.

I saw the time coming when I wouldn’t be working any more, and did something about it several years ago, but a lot of people seem to be completely clueless when you ask them about what they will do when that day comes. Our little retirement check from the Air Force helps, and some other stuff will assure that we won’t be eating cat food. But what will happen to others younger than I am? Tell us, Mr. Congressman!

It is clear that congress must do something. Sitting on their hands while the coffers are drained is not the best option. President bush has demonstrated courage and leadership by even touching this “third rail” of politics. Most others would cringe and pull back when the subject comes up, but time is running out, and someone must take the bull by the horns and lead on this subject.

Personal saving accounts is a great idea whose time has come. Allowing people to put some of their earnings into such an account is a definite step toward a cure, and it may be that the time has come for congress to explore some possible remedies to the train wreck that is coming if nothing is done. What do you think?

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