24. January 2005 · Comments Off on Do these sweats make me look fat? · Categories: General

The answer is no, the fat makes me look fat; the sweats just accentuate it. I bought this Air Force PT gear 4-5 years and 30 pounds ago. I’m wearing them today (the shorts & tshirt under the sweat shirt & sweat pants) because I was planning on a fairly vigorous workout yesterday. After I put them on, I got a call from the help desk that one of the backup servers was alarming. No problem. I’ll go in around lunch, and have it taken care of in about 2-3 hours. Got here right at noon….yesterday. It is now after midnight. I started the file system check at 1245…yesterday. It’s been going for 12 hours now. I don’t see it finishing anytime soon either. Now it’s a “How late do I stay” predicament. If I leave at 5am, I have plenty of time to stop and get milk and maybe even shower before getting kids up & ready for school. On the other hand, I’m damn tired.

To further ramble, I got a call from a user a few minutes ago and the echo was so awful. It was on enough of a delay that I could hear every word I said a word after I said it. Horribly distracting, and I don’t really like hearing myself talk. At least I don’t still sound like the hick I talked like in the 8th grade anymore.

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