Twenty years it’s been, as of yesterday. Twenty years and Afghanistan is down the drain, the Taliban back in charge. At least a comprehensive malignant menace like Bin Laden is dead, with his corpse – supposedly – dropped into the deep ocean, although I suppose that his organization staggers on, zombie-like, and possibly subsidized by Pakistan’s secret service. The dust of the fallen towers is settled, and the American troops are home, more or less. Still under a cone of silence as far as the US media is concerned, as are tales of hairbreadth escapes by American citizens, employees, and American-employed Afghan nationals … perhaps they were all made to sign a binding non-disclosure-agreement, as a condition of getting on that big Freedom Bird. Or our national establishment media is doing their bidding, as obedient handmaidens of the Dem party, and doing their best to disappear this latest disaster. Well, good luck with that. There are too many of us out there, and we have a voice, for at least a little bit longer.

Michael Moore, that dragging blubberous sack of Commie Crud morbidities, says that he is “flabbergasted by the grace and precision and safety” of Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal. Well, this is a guy who must look in the mirror of a morning and see the body of a trim, fit, athletic god. The rest of us – especially American military veterans – see something else. Booking from Afghanistan without a single word to our allies and other nationals there, especially Britain – is classless, tacky, diplomatically and strategically ill-considered, if it was considered at all, which doesn’t seem to have been considered by our current ruling class elites. It was once said when judging this kind of development that one ought not to attribute to malice that which could be explained by incompetence – but this kind of incompetence goes all the way over the border into deliberate and calculated malice.

This kind of willful, wasteful, blind incompetence which hasn’t been seen since Vietnam, only this is a thousand times worse and more damaging – to our own morale, to that of those who have been allies – Britain and Australia, especially, and those who trusted us regionally to defend their interests – say, Taiwan and Japan. At least, Robert Strange McNamara (was there ever a more fitting middle name?) and JFK didn’t despise ordinary patriotic Americans and casually dispose of their lives as if they were some kind of magic political confetti, in pursuit of power, power for its’ own sake. This differentiates them from the Biden administration, at the very least. An administration which seems now to have gone all-out in forcing everyone to take the Commie Crud vaxx, most likely as a distraction from the utter dogs’ breakfast of the withdrawal from Kabul. (Definition added here, as if there wasn’t enough in this to gross out a sensitive soul. Yeah, the dog scarfing up vomit from drunks from the sidewalk…)

Just as the evening of 9-11, when I got home after a very long and strange day at the office of the concern which once employed me … I am at home, and after a couple of glasses of cheap chardonnay, am looking at a video screen and thinking …

You will pay for this, you …. (explicative deleted). You will pay for this. Discuss as you wish, and give us your thoughts on where we go now.

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  1. Ranten N. Raven

    More than agree. And now comes the news about The Traitor Milley….

    Never supported or liked Lt Col Oliver North. He lied to congress about his little foreign policy/finance games. Screw him! But this turkey? O!M!G! Organized the top officers into a cabal set on usurping civilian control? That boy needs to be behind bars for the rest of his life, and then his corpse buried on the grounds, so he is never again free.