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On Bravo’s Project Runway tonight, Jay has just picked Julia, the model that left him in a lurch last week, again.

The design challenge is a dress for the red carpet at the Grammy Awards. In an analysis before the show, contestant Wendy about has it right: it’s between her and Jay to be eliminated; Kara and Austin are a lock.

More later.

Update: Banana Republic has really fucked off an opportunity, by not moving the story line of their commercial series ahead each week (they’re still on “chapter eight”). They could have had something in the same pantheon as the famed Taster’s Choice commercials.

Update 2: WTF is Robert still doing around? He was eliminated last week!

Update 3: I already know Kara Saun will win tonight.

Update 4: This challenge is a dress for the Grammy Awards, so Austin’s flamboyance may carry the day. But my money’s still on Kara.

Update 5: Wendy’s dress SUCKS. If it weren’t for that it’s on Melissa, I’d barf.. Eek, Jay’s sucks too!

Update 6: EVERYBODY has been raked over the coals by the judges. But, if Kara Saun had done her’s as a dress, rather than a pantsuit, she’d have been a lock. My money’s still on her.

Update 6: Michael Kors about Austin – “We can’t seem to get him out of the box.” Well, he’s CERTAINLY out of the closet. 🙂

Update 7: OMFG, Wendy won! Austin’s out! I have to go lie down.

Update 8: OMDFG, what a consolation prize! Austin just got a commission from judge Nancy O’Dell (of Access Hollywood), for whom they were designing tonight’s dress, to design her gown for the Oscars! Jeezus – fuck Olympus Fashion Week – a thing for the In Crowd. The Oscars are the Grand Prix of popular Haute Couture.

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