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News reports late on Friday are stating that Eason Jordan, a long-time executive with CNN, has resigned secondary to a furor raised mostly by bloggers over remarks he allegedly made at a conference in Davos, Switzerland last month.

CNN does have the story, but it is buried deep in their files. It took a bit of searching to squeeze it out of their cold, dead hands! You can read it here and there is an earlier item that CNN put on their website, written by the AP.

CNN, though, as well as the conference holders, continues to hide under their desks regarding a deluge of demands for transcripts of the remarks made at the conference. Both CNN and the conference deny that any transcripts exist. (If you believe that, I have a bridge that I’d like to sell you!)

Where will this story go from here? Who knows! Sgt Mom has already written on this subject in an earlier post, referring to CNN as the most “busted” news organization out there. Right on, Mom! It looks like if anything further develops it will be due to persistent pressure from dedicated, really nonprofessional bloggers! Just like a dog worrying at a bone, we will dig it out eventually. I am so very proud to be even a small part of this important, vital, and earth-shaking fraternity.

I just can’t wait!

UPDATE: my links don’t work…we’re working on that so be patient!

Update 2: It should work now. Otherwise, I saved the stories. — Kevin

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