23. October 2005 · Comments Off on EeK!!!! Nationwide, 100 People Die Every Year!!! · Categories: General

What is it – a national hiccup pandemic? No!!!! it’s that insidious evil – street racing!!!!!

And, of course, the cops are calling for “tough new laws” to “bring this problem under control.” And what do they want most? property seizure! Of course, it has worked so well with drugs, gambling, whatever. But mostly, it gives the cops MORE MONEY – so they can protect us better!!!!

Let’s think clearly here: If only 100 people per year have died as a result of organized street racing – just think of how many more would have perished, had they been doing the same thing in an unorganized manner?!?!?

Don’t think I’m giving a blanket endorsement to street racing here – I very much prefer taking it to the tracks. But, when that is not an easy option, well organized street racing is far preferable to unorganized street racing. In fact, properly done, it turns the streets into a track – much like Long Beach or Monaco – albeit without government imprimatur.

But, of course, that government imprimatur is the all-important factor.


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