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This recurring co-star on King of the Hill also co-starred in this film, with Pat Boone and Ann-Margret.

Extra Credit: Before assuming the “signature role” for which we know him/her today, what character was our star famous for?

Hint: As reader Bill correctly guessed, it isn’t Willie Nelson. Nor is it Ann Richards, or even Chuck Mangione. But our star is, by far, the biggest ever on KotH.

Congratz! to reader Bill!

I would have thought that, after our own dear Mary (A Proud Veteran) got the REALLY obscure 1962 José Ferrer remake of the 1945 Walter Lang classic, the rest would be a cinch. But I guess not…

Well, unlike the original, which, like the 1932 Philip Duffield Stong book upon which it was based, is set in Iowa, the 1962 remake is set in Texas. Hummmm… “Texas State Fair”… Does that ring some bells? What is the first thing one sees upon entering the Texas State Fair?

Still blank? Well, of course, it’s Big Tex!

Big Tex 2002

As for the “Extra Credit” part, I didn’t even know it myself, until I uncovered the reference above. But it seems, in a former life, Big Tex was Santa Claus!

Extra-Extra Credit! (After admonishing me that Big Tex isn’t the VERY first thing one sees upon entering) Reader homebru asks, what other major motion picture features the Texas State Fair?

Extra-Extra Credit Answer: I guessed it! *happy dance* (see comments)

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