10. February 2017 · Comments Off on Environment · Categories: Ain't That America?, Media Matters Not, My Head Hurts, Rant

Amid some pretty stiff competition news-wise this week, these two linked stories were particularly infuriating – mostly because the matter received relatively little attention, in comparison to coverage of the protest itself. But such is the towering hypocrisy of these times. The establishment national news media continues to conduct itself in the manner that, sadly, we have come to expect of them. Mostly, they cover stories like this with a pillow, until they stop moving.

But the sheer gall of a protest encampment called to protest potential-possible- maybe environmental damage caused by construction of a pipeline … which then actually does damage to the local environment by the sheer quantity of stuff abandoned over the past six months, and the possibility of seepage of human waste into the nearby river. Well, really – one might have very good reason for doubting the sincerity of those protesters with regard to protecting the environment in the first place.

Mountains of garbage, untreated human waste, camping gear, supplies and even abandoned automobiles were left behind; actions which just scream respect for a pristine natural landscape, the careful husbanding of scarce resources, and personal responsibility. Both linked stories note that a few of the remaining protest participants are helping with the cleanup which reflects well on those few – hut honestly, whatever happened to the concept of leaving a place cleaner than you found it by your own efforts? The Tea Partiers were famed for leaving their venues cleaned up and ship-shape, just as the Occupy-Whatever protesters were not: anyone venture as to why that would be? Discuss, if you can bear it.

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