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From The Huffington Post: Is Sarah Palin the First Post-Modern Politician?

It was very postmodern of Palin to characterize her resignation – an outrageous act by any reasonable standard – as a principled refusal to “go with the flow.” Her vision of politics is so profoundly radical that even performing the duties of office becomes unimportant. The job you sought is no longer the point. It’s all about the performance. It’s politics as Conceptual Art.

Well, maybe.  It sure is unusual.  Perhaps extreme times call for extreme measures?

The comments there and elsewhere grabbed my attention.  The loathing and the mockery is .. a little off-putting.  Like this one.

Terrye — I agree (and disagree as I close this note) it’s been a nightmare for her — but it’s not her fault it’s the people that put faith in her and give her a false confidence. Her ilk is not fit to govern — stew potatos and pluck chickens ya, have a position of governance in the USA na.

‘Her ilk is not fit to govern’.  That just sums up the whole enchilada right there. 

You, woman, you went to the wrong school: shut up.  You, boy, you eschewed college for a few years in the Marines and live in a drive-past town: let your betters do the Big Thinking.  You .. poor person on the wrong side of the tracks: here are some zesty government handouts.  Just .. stay on your side of town, hmn?

Imagine what people like ‘nyomythus’ think about guys like me?  Or you?

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