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So now Brett Kavanaugh has been confirmed to the Supreme Court, duly sworn in – after weeks of sturm, drang and drama such as a reasonable person can hardly credit, of unproven accusations of every kind of sexual misconduct on the part of Justice Kavanaugh by hysterical and/or malicious people. Seriously, have the Move On, MeToo, Pussy-Hat crowd gone so far off the rails as to believe that the presumption of innocence standard must be utterly disregarded, and the commandment against bearing false witness be revoked entirely? Apparently – and never mind that this single-minded attitude towards accusation and punishment leads straight back to the era of strange fruit hanging from the poplar tree, blood on the leaves and blood at the root. Only not black bodies swinging in the southern breeze, but the actual or metaphorical bodies of husbands, friends, sons and brothers. Requiring proof of an accusation against any male appears to be an utterly outré notion to the vicious brigade of professional 21st century feminists – and the fact that ordinary women of every color and inclination are not merrily following the tumbrils as our uteri are supposed to direct us, appears to be cause for volcanic outrage among the vicious brigade.
Well, life is full of these little tragedies, kids. Better luck next time. Go louder, more obnoxious, and double down on the personal threats – that will so convince us and win overwhelming support to your side!

This is by way of saying I am torn over deciding which of several interested or associated parties have emerged from l’affaire Kavanaugh having sustained the most damage. Judge Kavanaugh himself at least has the knowledge of a hard-fought win to comfort himself but knowing that he and his family are now the most-favored target of all those unhinged leftists who took the unfounded and unsupported accusations as the gospel truth must be reason for worry on his part. President Trump gets high marks, BTW, for sticking to his guns and now allowing his pick for the Supreme Court to be bullied into withdrawing from the field.
The establishment Dems have lost, of course – but like a reoccurring case of herpes, they will bounce back, as annoying as ever. Damage done to the credibility of the national news media may be longer-lasting, even permanent, given that print outlets like the once-respected Time Magazine is tottering like a house of cards, and viewership of outlets like CNN are perceptibly declining. Those of us paying attention over the last twenty years or so – we already knew that a) the establishment print and broadcast media outlets were biased and b) steadfastly devoted to not seeing that which they did not want to see. The Kavanaugh bruhaha was just another point in the whole depressing saga. Permanent and irrevocable damage will take more than a week to reveal itself, but it is interesting that a scattering of more sensible media observers are candidly admitting that as a whole, the news media blew it with Kavanaugh.

The other party, or parties which may very well lose as substantially over time as the establishment media may very well be millennial-aged and slightly older women in the workplace. It can’t have gone unnoticed that for thirty and more years, that quiet wisdom in the workplace was never to be alone with a female subordinate (or superior!) lest wagging tongues create a scandal … or a malicious/resentful woman have cause to later complain of sexual harassment. The usual suspects sniggered at Billy Graham and Mike Pence as paranoid old prudes when they made it an absolute rule never to be alone with another woman not their wife, but in the wake of #metoo, no one is laughing. What is even more frightening than a perhaps mildly credible accusation of sexual misconduct is the one made up of whole cloth. I can easily foresee a whole lot of woman going into a workplace – and having nothing but a distant and impersonal relationship with the men in it. While I am all for professional respect and courtesy in the workplace – not having any kind of mentoring, or social relationship, even just plain old friendship – would get very draining after a time. Chalk that up to another thing which the screaming professional feminists have ruined.

Any other parties emerging as big losers from the Kavanaugh bruhaha? Enlarge upon and discuss as you will.

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