17. December 2004 · Comments Off on Fear and Self-Loathing in The Funnies · Categories: General Nonsense

At some point during the day I’ll surf around and read various comic strips and if I have extra time, I’ll dive a little deeper into the sites to see what else is going on. The recent version of The Dilbert Newsletter, subtitled, “The Official Newsletter of Dogbert’s Ruling Class” caught my eye. It’s got some funny office humor, my favorite being the Induhvidual (sic) Quotes.

This edition also has the Annual Weasel Poll. The winners for the Politician and Country may or may not suprise you. When exactly did it become cool to hate yourself? I know folks from other countries read Dilbert, but I’m guessing most of the votes came from the good ol’ USA.

Note to self: Start smacking anyone you hear badmouthing the country. Nothing that rises to the level of assault, just the good ol’ parental flick on the back of the head like Mom used to do when we were acting the fool in church.

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