09. November 2005 · Comments Off on “Fire Sale: How The Gun Industry Bought Itself Immunity From The Rule Of Law” · Categories: General, Media Matters Not, Politics

Such is the title of this Slate article by Prof. David Kairys, of Temple University’s Beasley School of Law, who has been instrumental in several anti-gun cases. Well, you know it’s going to be barking moonbat crap, from sentence #1, where he holds out the universal evil “Halliburton” talisman. But Eugene Volokh, after reading the article, asks just where does Kairys present ANY evidence of the gun industry “buying” influence in Washington? And, citing the title, and the last two sentences: “Doubtless [other industries] will make some steep campaign donations to get [immunity from lawsuits]. And why not, since the rule of law appears to be suddenly up for sale?” wonders how Slate can present this as a news article, and not an opinion piece?

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