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Some days I can’t believe I used to rock out to R*U*S*H’s 2112, other days I wish it was still as good to me as it was when I was 16.

Something I learned from a comedian this weekend: Green Day’s “When I Come Around” uses the same riff as The Cars’ “Let the Good Times Roll.” J.R. Brow is a funny man, go see him any chance you get.

It’s getting harder and harder to read any blogs from work. Some of them simply don’t load at all anymore and some take up to 15 minutes to load. I blame MTV.

Did you know that Microsoft is offering a free AntiSpyware program in Beta? It’s true. You can install it using Firefox, but it’s easier if you use Explorer. Oh, and the security blurb I read says that you should use Microsoft’s Firewall instead of Norton’s especially if you’re going to use the Microsoft Antispyware. They’re kinda made to work together.

Is it just me or does it seem that Iran is jumping up and down going, “Ooh-ooh, me next, me next pleeeeazzzze?”

Heheheheeeee…God I love a good catfight.

The White Sox are in first place and 12 GAMES OUT?! The South Side must be coming unglued. News from the North Side however, remains, sigh, normal.

Oh for the love o’ Pete… Michele’s back from vacation and winds up in the hospital.

Kate’s Fang Fund is doing well (left border). I’d like to think we had something to do with that.

Sigh…53 days until Serenity.

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