11. May 2005 · Comments Off on First Impression, Sid Meier’s Pirates, Live the Life · Categories: That's Entertainment!

Fun to play once I get it to work. It doesn’t want to run with Disk 1 like the instructions say so you have to start with Disk 2 and then switch to Disk 1 when it stalls and asks for Disk 1.

It also rewrites my keyboard map, turning the right half of my letter keys into a virtual number pad but not turning it back when the game is over. May not be able to play it well on my laptop.

Otherwise, ’tis the Pirates of old with better graphics and some interesting additions…like dancing with the Governor’s daughter.

Buggy for my laptop, I’ll let you know when I can get on our regular PC how it runs there.

UPDATE: After playing for about an hour works without a hiccup on the PC. If you spent way too many hours playing this easy to learn, hard to master classic, you’ll be spending some late nights in the future with it’s grandson…well, at least I will. Arrrrrrr…

FURTHER UPDATE: After 3 solid hours on the PC, played just like I remember the classic version only much more entertaining…it translates well…with the possible exception of the “Dancing with the Governor’s Daughter” part of the game. That’s just kind of weird…but dance with all of them, them’s that you don’t want to marry, give you valuable information anyway.

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