Much to the horror of progressive school boards, teachers and administrators everywhere, the parents of kids in public schools are becoming increasingly irate at various flavors of poison being mainlined into their kids: the imposition of Critical Race Theory – or whatever it is being called this week in order to deflect criticism – mask mandates and inappropriate sex education which amounts to the sexual grooming of K-12 students. Or what is even worse; schools tolerating, excusing, and covering up lawless behavior committed by students of the favored minority group o’the month. The simple fact is that normal parents are practically guaranteed to go berserker on anyone or anything which threatens harm to their child.  This  seems  to  come  as  a  surprise  to  school  administrators.

And whatever version of CRT being mainlined in school is harming kids in the worst way; it lays a hideous guilt trip on white kids for their supposed ancestral crimes, and damages minority kids by instilling the notion that they are doomed because ‘the man’ will work tirelessly to keep them down and there is not a thing that white or minority kids can do about it. This is child abuse of the most damaging, insidious kind, and parents see this plainly. Ideologically committed teacher, though, apparently cannot – and remain baffled at righteous and angry objections from parents.

Well, it’s not as if education majors can be accused of being the sharpest intellectual knives in the box but trying to sic’ federal law enforcement on parents speaking their minds at school board meetings may have been a bridge too far when it comes to assuaging parental fury at educational malpractice. Especially in the case of the Loudoun County father whose daughter was raped in a school restroom by a male student who identified as bi and wore a dress. (Whole disgusting episode here. Frankly the whole episode appears as if the Loudon County school administrators were more interested in sheltering their precious mini-tranny than in protecting female students.)  Getting the FBI involved in local school board ‘come to Jesus’ public meetings could have entertaining results, though – imagine a deep-cover FBI agent at such an open session, “How do you do, fellow parents! Say, anyone interested in kidnapping a school board member?”

The other public flashpoint is the Biden (mis) Administration’s pushing of mandatory Covid vaccinations and useless masks for all. Never mind that those who have had Covid, also known as the Peking Pox, the Commie Crud or the Wuhan Flu are now naturally immune, never mind that many citizens entertain strong doubts about the efficiency of the Covid vaccines, not to mention possible dangerous side effects. At this point, anyone who wanted a vaccination of their own free well has gotten one – so why the bloody-minded insistence on vaccination or else be fired? Why the shade cast on ivermectin and chloroquine as treatments for those with mind to severe cases of the Commie Crud? Might it be that those drugs are practically generic, cheap and have been used for other purposes for years, so that there’s not much money in it. Are certain people and parties making a lot of boodle over mandatory Covid vaccines? Do bears go to the bathroom in the woods? (We suspect the current pope is not Catholic, though.) Or is it just the Ruling Class getting their continued jollies by exercising arbitrary authority – just to show that they can. Discuss as you wish; Let’s go, Brandon!


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