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    Flying Without Wings

Some folks are bound to earth
with heavy chains of tempered steel,
Others with but silken threads
they seem to break at will.

Some folks fly high because they know
the art of air machines,
and some, like Joe, can know the joy
of flying without wings.

He’s soaring now, above the clouds
that block our earthbound view,
and we celebrate his flight
although our hearts are torn in two.

He flies alone, without his wife
and kids – it’s solo time.
We’re left behind, and yet our friend
is with us for all time.

We watch his acrobatic flight
with hearts that are tear-dimmed.
He soars, he wheels, he dips and dives,
then skyward soars again.

We sense his joy at chains released,
delighting in his flight,
and even though the sky is dark,
he’s flying into Light.

One last approach over his old home,
one last message to send.
A feather-kiss to Jenny,
then skyward he ascends.

He’ll wait for her to join him,
for their hearts are so entwined
that even in his new home,
she’ll be always on his mind.

Love doesn’t stop for death or grief,
or other earthly things,
and when the time is right
they’ll both be flying without wings.

3/1/06, mvy
In memory of Joe Comer, cyberfriend and honorary dad.
I’ll fly with you someday, my friend. I promise.

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