01. August 2004 · Comments Off on French Participation in Genocide? · Categories: World

The Rwandan government is launching its own investigation to figure out just what role the French played in the genocide of Tutsis:

Paris denies responsibility – although it has admitted supporting Rwanda’s former Hutu-led government.

The current Rwandan government, which took over after the genocide, argues that Paris knowingly armed the killers and provided an escape route after their defeat.


France has also been accused of allowing perpetrators of the genocide to escape when it launched a operation in south-western Rwanda in June 1994.

I doubt this investigation will find anything of note. The French supported the Hutu government, which would automatically implicate them in the genocide to many Tutsis. I think it’s safe to say that the French indirectly supported the Hutus, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they allowed a few to escape, but direct support doesn’t seem likely. With the French, though, you never know.

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