28. January 2005 · Comments Off on Friends of Democracy · Categories: Iraq: The Good

Here’s part of an email I received from Jim Hake of Spirit of America talking up Friends of Democracy:

Spirit of America’s work with Friends of Democracy to provide a full
picture of Iraq’s elections is coming to fruition. This project has
been to provide a ground-level view of the elections from the people
and bloggers of Iraq (yes, I know, bloggers are people, too). There
are lots of good reports already on the Friends of Democracy site at

The information is not “candy coated” – it simply does more than
emphasize terrorism and violence. It provides good news and bad.
Please link to the site and check it for news. It will be especially
good on election day. We’ll have reports and photos coming in from all
corners of Iraq.

Iraqi election news from (GASP!) Iraqis.

How cool is that?

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