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Leave it to the Army to put a set of scales in the break room between the fridge and the microwave. I got on them while my lunch was heating, and cringed.

I went on a little drive this weekend, mainly because my kids can’t run in the car, and tend to go to sleep thereby eliminating the screaming as well. In other words, I needed some quiet time. I stopped by McDonald’s since they were complaining about being hungry, and even though I prefer Wendy’s, McDonald’s is the easiest/less messy to eat while driving. For some reason I started thinking about fat people who blame fast food restaurants for why they are fat. It amazes me how some people can tell the whole world they are stupid and lazy just to try and get some easy money. See, I know why I’m getting fat. I quit exercising, and quit eating relatively healthy. Plain and simple. I can remember early September 2001 I had to go to a medical appointment. I had managed not to get weighed prior to this for several months, probably prior to my MEB in March/April of 2001. I got put on the scales and nearly freaked. I was 2 pounds over my max. I took off the 3 lbs for clothing, and that still put me in taping territory. It wasn’t an official weight check, so I decided to take steps to lose some poundage, mainly because I had less than a year before terminal leave and was NOT going to buy new uniforms because I got fat. I also didn’t want to deal with the hassle of the “fat-girl” program, officially know as “Weight Management.”

First thing I did was cut out chips completely. That was not easy as I love my chips. Second thing was to take my fat-ass to the gym 5 days a week, even on days off. I then altered my diet to avoid eating so much deep-fried food, and opted for foods with less fat. I didn’t avoid carbs or calories, just fat. I still drank regular soda rather than diet. My goal was to lose 20 pounds. It took a year (OEF took care of my trips to the gym), but I did it. Of course, by the time I reached my goal, I was on terminal leave and threw the diet and exercise out the window. Now I need to lose 30 pounds. But I digress.

Back to the point, fast food restaurants should not be held responsible for individuals getting fat. If you’re fat, and don’t have a medical condition, get off your lazy ass and exercise, and eat healthy. Otherwise, shut up and color.

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