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God help us all. B Dubya is in the house. Crazy old coot…

Once upon a time, when I was very young and living in Washington State, my family was Democrat, and had been since WWI.
I remember John Kennedy’s inaugural. I especially remember this line: “Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and the success of liberty.” I have always translated that to mean that we would stand by our friends and allies and visit seven kinds of hell on our enemies and let God do the worrying about the body counts. That was the Democratic Party I knew right up until 1972. And then the left wing of the party hijacked the bus and ran Eugene McCarthy (I’m personally glad the old bastard is dead).
Jack Kennedy may have been a flawed human being, but by God, he acted on the beliefs he swore to us, “For I have sworn before you and Almighty God the same solemn oath our forebears prescribed…….” and I believe he was sincere. He took us all to the brink of nuclear war over Cuber and he was prepared to take the next step. Khrushchev wasn’t, had miscalculated the metal of the man, and realized that the Soviet Union could not survive unless the Soviet Premier blinked, and so backed down.
The assassination and the Johnsonian presidency led us to Viet Nam, where we found that we really weren’t willing to live up to Kennedy’s admonition to the world. Instead, we got MSM trading on defeatism for larger market share and the collapse of will in the Democratic ranks of the west and north. Instead of Ed Murrow, we got Walter Cronkite. Instead of Harry Truman, we got LBJ bleating that he would not run for a 2nd term after he’d spent his entire political life trying to be what he wasn’t the right stuff for, President of the United States.
No person who earns less than $750,000 (adjusted for inflation..) per annum has any business being a Republican, not since before Hoover.
Here is my political wish list for a party of Democracy:
I want my party back from the self loathing, cringing, defeatist, collaborating left that has made it too sickening to be associated with. That includes Jimmy Carter, John Kerry, John Dean, and Bill Clinton (though maybe not Hilary) and virtually all of the surviving Kennedy clan…
I want a party that believes that people have rights, and that Corporations are legal constructs, made for generating money only, are not equal to individuals under the law, and that they should be regarded, at best, as predatory creatures and at worst, as amoral enterprises that would seek financial advantage for themselves at the expense of every American liberty or value.
I want a party that pledges to help the poor, the aged, the infirm, widows and orphans in need, but who will tell able persons that they are on their own to live or die as free men and women should.
I want a party that will prosecute war against our enemies without reserve and with all available resource and energy. A party that can recognize friend from foe and that does not give a Tinker’s goddamned what the decadent Old World has to say about it.
I want a party that presents candidates for office who are honest, able to say the hard stuff, and willing to serve if elected, not rule.
Give me a system of taxation that is fair and not one designed to fund the nanny state or maintain the existence of government entities that have had no purpose since the 19th century.
I want a party that believes that if you can’t pay for it, and it’s not vital, you don’t get it.
I want a party that believes that the life of a single US citizen is worth more than the lives of all of our enemies. That believes that wars should be fought to protect American lives and freedoms. That wars can be fought to bring liberty to our friends. A willingness to shed blood for liberty may make our neighbors fear us, perhaps even hate us, but they will certainly be able to guide their future actions toward us so as not to anger us. I personally do not crave the approval of the French, or of the Germans. I only require that they understand what it means to be a friend or a foe of my country.

I will settle for a party that comes remotely close to it. That’s why I am forced to vote as a Republican.

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