24. August 2004 · Comments Off on Global Warming: The Hoax That Won’t Die · Categories: General

I just got this via email from BusinessWeek:

Consensus is growing among scientists, governments, and business that they must act fast to combat climate change. This has already sparked efforts to limit CO2 emissions. Many companies are now preparing for a carbon-constrained world

The idea that the human species could alter something as huge and complex as the earth’s climate was once the subject of an esoteric scientific debate. But now even attorneys general more used to battling corporate malfeasance are taking up the cause. On July 21, New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer and lawyers from seven other states sued the nation’s largest utility companies, demanding that they reduce emissions of the gases thought to be warming the earth. Warns Spitzer: “Global warming threatens our health, our economy, our natural resources, and our children’s future. It is clear we must act.”

Read the whole thing.

I personally don’t deny the possibility of human-influenced climate variation. But, at this point, the science is simply far from conclusive. To be taking such radical measures based on such sketchy knowledge is, to me, the ultimate ‘Chicken Little’ play.

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