21. June 2005 · Comments Off on Go On, Who’ll Notice a Little Shove? · Categories: Media Matters Not

As I was eating lunch yesterday, sitting at the break room table, eating my Robin Hood #3 in a wheat wrap (ranch, everything but olives, pickle only) and watching a bit of TV, getting caught up on the headlines. Fox took a break from their coverage of Natalee’s misadventure on the ostrich farm and David Asman was reporting on the little boy scout who’s missing in Utah. He’s on the phone with a lady who somehow knows the little boy, I missed how, but she’s becoming more and more emotional as they talk, barely holding it together and Asman simply pushed her over the edge with, “And we understand he’s just the sweetest, nicest little guy…?” She turned into Holly Hunter in “Raising Arizona” in the “I love him so-o-o-o-o…” scene. Those of us at the table looked at each other like we’d ate a bug.

I just wanted to point it out. Asman, you’re busted. There was no good reason to shove that lady over the edge. Further, you didn’t have to sound so pleased with yourself when she had her melt down. It was like watching news porn or something. You were practically vibrating right there on the screen when you got her to cry. Dude, if that’s what gets you off, seek therapy, ‘k? That was creepy. All I’m sayin’.

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