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Reynolds and Yourish both want everyone to read this:

Charter explicitly details Hamas’ agendaBy Mark Lavie

JERUSALEM – It was summer 1988. We were sitting in a cramped office, more like a closet, just off a darkish corridor in the Islamic University in Gaza City, a block-like building with green hallways and cement floors, the nerve center of Hamas.
The other people in the room, sipping coffee, trading cigarettes and jokes, were two of the founders of Hamas – Mahmoud Zahar, a physician, and Atef al-Adwan, a professor at the Islamic University.

Outside on the dusty, steaming streets and rutted paths of poverty-stricken, overcrowded Gaza, Palestinians were battling Israeli soldiers with rocks, bottles and firebombs. The first “intifada,” or uprising, had erupted in the winter, leading to the emergence of Hamas, an Arabic anagram for Islamic Resistance Movement.

Hamas was a whole new concept for fighting Israel. The PLO, Israel’s prototype enemy for decades, paled in comparison.

Since I’m a Zionist by Hamas’ definition, I have to say reading that is a good idea.

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