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One of my co-workers at the public radio station where I moonlight on Saturdays is as much of a sucker for our dumb chums as I am (What??!! Is that possible?— yes it is, pipe down!) and is looking for homes for a quartet of kittens which she rescued from short and miserable lives on the street. She is not looking with all that much energy, and she is much too young to be the stereotypical cat lady. The kittens are now about seven to nine months old, at about the last point where they could easily adapt to a new home. They are feline HIV negative, free of feline leukemia, neutered and vaccinated, and acclimated to living indoors. Two are calico females, one is an orange long-haired male, and the fourth is a short haired white-and-orange-trim male. They are also used to dogs and other cats. If interested, contact diane@tpr.org. and be prepared to make a good case for her judicious consideration.
Alas, I have no charming pictures— use your imagination!

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