24. August 2005 · Comments Off on Google Chat · Categories: General Nonsense, Technology

Google has an Instant Messaging client. Once it’s installed, you get little IM popups about new mail in your GMail Account. You can use your GMail Account to log into it. If anyone needs an invite (does anyone NOT have GMail at this point?) let me know and I’ll shoot you one.

I’ve never been a big IM fan…if I wanted to chat with someone I’d hook up with them on irc or some other chat room. But what the heck?

Dean and Michele pointed me at it, I just can’t download anything to my computer at work.

I’m timmer847@gmail.com.

More: They’re trying to unify all chat. Once you’ve got Google Chat installed, the IM pops up whenever you get new Google Mail, whether or not you’re signed in. I’m sure there’s a way to turn that off…just haven’t found it.

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