22. January 2005 · Comments Off on Grandpa’s cough cure · Categories: General

Try this if you have a strong tolerance…or not, it might work all the same

1. Whiskey ( I prefer Irish whiskey myself but I think any kind of whiskey would do).
2. Add some water(because you sick not f**kered-up)
3. Splash of lemon juice(or orange juice does’nt mater)
4. add in some honey
5. Mix together and heat
6. Then hang a hat on the end of your bed and drink till you see two of them.

I have a little water boiler and I put a dense glass mug in it and then fill with water and boil.
Then add the above content’s.
So far it seems to be working, so I am going to post this while I can still see straight.
Then I am going to bed.
So please cure your cold responsibly, and hide the keys.

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