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Guilty Pleasures: The Meme via Michele via Rox.

CD I have in my car that I roll up the windows to listen to
Can’t think of one that I wouldn’t blast with the windows down.

Book I read flat so no one could see the title
The Summer Tree Trilogy

Crappiest song ever sung at karaoke
Jimmy Buffet – A Pirate Looks at 40
Great Song…my singing…phew!

Bad movie I watch repeatedly
The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension

Article of clothing I love though I know it’s wrong
I still have about three pairs of those very loose and very loud beach pants from the early 1990s.

What I order at the bar when no one is listening
A Foundation and Empire. (They tell me kids today would call it a suicide…mix all the mixers together.)

Fast food item I adore
Burger King’s Angus Steak Burger with all the crap on it. I turn into Homer Simpson….mmmmmm Angus Burgerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I don’t know if it’s the ranch dressing or what but I mean it’s just GOOD.

A TV show that is a good example of the downfall of civilization that I love anyway
I watch nothing but quality educational programming…okay fine…Fear Factor, especially when the couples are on.

Y’all need to fess up now.

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