13. November 2004 · Comments Off on Gulf War Illnesses…Hey, Guess What? It’s Not Just Stress…Freakin’ Geniuses · Categories: Veteran's Affairs

The Military Times has a pretty good story on what anyone with a brain has known for years.

“A federal panel that has spent two years reviewing studies of Gulf War illnesses recommends focusing future research on the effects of the toxic substances that veterans encountered during the 1991 conflict.

That conclusion differs from the findings of a Clinton administration panel that determined that stress was the cause of the mysterious ailments afflicting thousands of Gulf War veterans.”

If you want to read the entire report you can get it here.

So…why would this administration push to research and fund something that a previous administration had already closed the book on?

I have my own thoughts on that and I’m going to keep them to myself tonight. I spent most of the day watching Beautiful Wife fight with TRICARE and the medical professionals at our local “care center” and I’m feeling more than a bit cynical.

But weigh in, I’m curious.

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