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Well, 4 PM, a long night past, a lot of tension, a little sleep this morning, out to go flying this afternoon, then a great address by the President. This is a great, decent, caring, humble human being who deserves this victory with great honor, and who will wear it well.

Last night when it became obvious that President Bush had it won, around 3 – 4 AM, I was not surprised, but deeply angered that Mr. Kerry (choke!!) refused to concede the election. I am sure that this “empty suit” poor excuse for a senator had to be sat down by his handlers and told that this was not a fight he could win, and that he’d better concede before he became a laughingstock even to his own supporters. I am so glad that I don’t have to listen to his voice any more, that I don’t have to listen to fresh-faced liberal hounddogs on Fox tell us with such a “true believer” attitude what “JohnKerry” will do to change this country. Bye, Mr. Kerry, go home to Boston and tend your garden or something. Good bye, too, Mr. Edwards. Go home to NC and see if you can sue another doctor for a few million more. Stay the hell out of Washington, we don’t need or want your kind on the hill.

Folks, yesterday, Evangelical Christians showed the rest of the nation that we do have considerable political power, and we will use it when fundamental American values are in jeopardy. To the Liberals, beware. We will not abide gay marriage, we have shown you that we firmly believe the historical and worldwide tradition of marriage between one man and one woman for life. For instance, I have been with one woman for 46 years, and will stay with her for the rest of my life, thank you very much. We do not believe that killing innocent unborn children is a way of life that is acceptable, nor is it a “choice” that should be given to anyone. It is my personal hope to see Roe V Wade overturned in the next four years, and the abortion mills shut down forever. For all I care, the doctors who perform abortions should lose medical licenses and go work on hog farms. I don’t know, though, there’s some things even hogs won’t put up with!

Sorry I’ve been out of circulation for the past 3 weeks, I’ve been so sick I had to get better to die. However, over the past 3 days, I’ve gotten better and didn’t die, to the dismay of some of my critics (even in the family). I even went flying for an hour this afternoon, a little instrument practice culminating with an ILS approach to VDI (Vidalia). It was such a pretty day I had a hard time keeping my head in the cockpit and on the guages. But I did, and when I got to the Decision point, asked the instructor if I saw the airport, he said yes, and I dropped flaps, pointed the nose at the ground, and squeaked it on. One of these days soon, I’ll be taking my FAA written, and the checkride for Instrument rating, and then the real fear begins when I fly in bad weather for real and can’t see the ground. Wish I had an autopilot in the old steed. Oh, well…..

The tension, the relief, the joy and satisfaction of this election are behind me now. I just pray that the obstruction – I mean the opposition, will fall in line and support the man who just received the highest number of votes in history. As I see it, they have two choices – get in with us and help navigate this nation, or just get mad and go off on a tangent. We’d like to have you with us, but we won’t mourn too much if you go off and chop down trees to get it out of your system. Really, I’d like to see the nation come together, it would make me happier, but from what I’ve seen and heard over the last 3 years, I won’t hold my breath. Up to you now, guys, ball’s in your court. Whatcha gonna do?

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